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Summary: This piece of fascinating human futurology blueprint research into Irish author Sally Rooney, reveals that 2018, the year she enjoyed tremendous success around her Normal People novel, had sequence 14//5 theming the year. Charts provided below prove that 14//5 is both her personal and professional emotional (shadow) attainment number. At birth, when her intelligent mathematical blueprint (IMB) was laid down, the presence of 14//5 in 2018 clearly signalled that something significant was going to happen, and it did!

Normal People published by Faber & Faber in 2018

Sally Rooney Normal People novel: Normal People is a tale of deceptive simplicity, a very accessible narrative of two seemingly mismatched young people who share a profound, inescapable understanding. Beyond that however is something properly universal, a study of how one person can forever shape and impact another. Marianne and Connell emerge almost shockingly real and deeply vulnerable in their different ways. Sally Rooney has evolved into perhaps the most nuanced contemporary observer we have. Brimming with longing, regret and intimacy, Normal People is everything, as a culture, we need from our fiction. It is a story that is absolutely universal to us all, and it is brilliant. Publisher: Faber & Faber; ISBN: 9780571334650.

In the above summary we mentioned that 14//5 was “the number sequence” defining Sally Rooney’s personal and professional emotional (shadow) attainment numbers. How do we know this?

“Her eyes fill up with tears again and she closes them. Even in memory she will find this moment unbearably intense, and she’s aware of this now, while it’s happening. She has never believed herself fit to be loved by any person. But now she has a new life, of which this is the first moment, and even after many years have passed she will still think: Yes, that was it, the beginning of my life.”

Sally Rooney, Normal People [2018]

Human Futurology Birth Chart of Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney Normal People novel, human futurology research, Irish author

Her personal emotional attainment number [14//5, left RED block] is calculated by adding the shadow personal number (7) and shadow family number (7): 7+7 = 14//5. Similarly for her professional emotional attainment number [14//5, right RED block: shadow personal 7 + shadow career 7]. Knowing what your various attainment numbers are is critically important because when they appear in your intelligent mathematical blueprint, you then know that these are critically important years for you reward wise (or not, if the requisite work was not done!). This also explains why it is so strategically advantageous planning wise to have your human futurology blueprint data-matrix mapped.

“Not for the first time Marianne thinks cruelty does not only hurt the victim, but the perpetrator also, and maybe more deeply and more permanently. You learn nothing very profound about yourself simply by being bullied; but by bullying someone else you learn something you can never forget.”

Sally Rooney, Normal People [2018]

Sally Rooney Normal People novel: Her human futurology blueprint from 2009 to 2030

Sally Rooney Normal People novel, human futurology research, Irish author

We are not going go to into the detail behind the mathematical modelling process used to produce the above data-matrix, but what you need to know and remember is that every person (even you) has this unique blueprint and once you understand the incredible experiential construct of yours, everything changes. Above is Sally Rooney’s intelligent mathematical blueprint, from 2009 through to 2030. The column of data that we want to focus your attention on, is the set of RED numbers that run down the middle. See how sequence 14//5, which you now know is Sally Rooney’s personal and professional emotional attainment number, themes her life from 2016 to 2020? This signals that these are golden years for her, emotional attainment wise and if you care to do a little research, you will see just how much these 5 years delivered to her, attainment (achievement) wise!

“He knows that a lot of the literary people in college see books primarily as a way of appearing cultured. It was culture as class performance, literature fetishised for its ability to take educated people on false emotional journeys, so that they might afterwards feel superior to the uneducated people whose emotional journeys they liked to read about. Even the writer himself was a good person, and even if his book really was insightful, all books were ultimately marketed as status symbols, and all writers participated to some degree in this marketing.”

Sally Rooney, Normal People [2018]

Her 2018 has a coded sequence 6//6-14//5-7//7. So, having cleared away the importance of 14//5, what’s the significance then of the numbers 6 and 7 that flank 14//5? If you take a careful look at her birth chart, you will see that she has a No6 life path (see TKS-LFP: sequence 2013//6). So, in 2018, the No6 to the left of her 14//5 signals that this year has life path significance (it does not get more important than this, ever!). The No7 to the right of 14//5 signals her hidden passion. How we know this, is revealed below, in Sally Rooney’s inclusion chart table of data sequences.

So, to recap then, when it comes to the phenomenal success that happened in 2018 around Sally Rooney Normal People novel, it is not surprising! Why? Because the line of code [6-5-7] in play for her that year, had life path significance (No6), emotional attainment (14//5), maturity (14//5 – see below), hidden passion (No7 – see below) and soul urge significance (No7s – see below). That’s a perfect cocktail.

What’s your perfect cocktail and in what years will it be presenting? Don’t you think you should know this?

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Deeper human futurology number sequence analytics for Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney Normal People novel, human futurology research, Irish author

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