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Strategic Numerologists


Between them Chris Styles and Suzanne Styles have over 35 years of hands-on leadership, business, coaching, mentoring and success strategist experience gained from their senior leadership (Exco) positions within corporate businesses as well as their own entrepreneurial business ventures. They hosted Africa’s first ever life and business success coaching talk show on Mix-FM a leading South African community radio station.

Chris And Suzanne StylesTheir hundreds of information rich podcasts ably serve business leaders and start-up entrepreneurs across the continent who desire to achieve much more. Today they spread their time between conducting Applied Numerology Research (as in detail rich case studies which are advancing the field of practical numerology), providing Strategic Numerology Services (they are considered to be the top consulting numerologists to Australia) and running a superbly Innovative Digital Agency (their focus in to ensure that business owners get a real return on their digital spend). Here’s a favourite quote of theirs: “Most thinking business people view the metaphysical discipline of numerology as being a load of rubbish, and they’re correct. Tragically, most numerologists border on being numerically illiterate and that’s why the information they provide is impractical, generic and so high level that its utterly worthless.

When we founded 365 Pin Code, we decided to completely reinvent numerology. We chose to specialise in research-driven strategic applied numerology which keeps things practical and gets clients thinking, planning and executing in a numerically informed way. There’s nothing woo-woo or fluffy about what we do. We simply leverage numerology as an intelligence adding tool to help you make much better personal and professional choices.”

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