Why Fantasy Novels?

During my early childhood (from the age of 3) I remember escaping into my own fantasy world.  Grandpa would show me the stars and tell me stories behind the names of the constellations.  I would see the type of people living there and using my very active imagination, build stories around them.

I am a voracious reader and to this day I “escape” every night into the pages of some or the other novel or article before I turn out the light. In February 2019 I made my final decision to retire from the legal world, its pressures and demands and 18-hour long days.  Suddenly my days were empty.

I am now following my wildest of dreams…

I completed my first course, Unlocking Creativity with the Writers’ Studio based in Sydney, NSW, Australia successfully.  A dormant dream to write a mixture of supernatural, mystical, mystery and suspense awoke in me.  With the guidance and support of the Tutors and Team at the Writers’ Studio, I became more confident that there is a “fantasy” writer that can create “escapism” lurking in me.  A dream I am adamant to fulfil.

Writing fantasy is very healing for me personally.  I see stories everywhere around me, in pictures, in human behaviours.  Life is but an ongoing drama played out on the stage of real life and sometimes as they say in the classics “The truth is stranger than fiction.”

I am drawing creative inputs from superb professionals

As I embark on this exciting journey of creative fantasy writing, I am ably supported by three handpicked specialists, Marie-Louise Oosthuysen a brilliant and very experienced Graphologist and Suzanne and Chris Styles, who have pioneered a brand-new research field called Strategic Numerology. Their collective skills will help me to weave a fascinating new level of creative intrigue into my book series.

With love,

Why I have chosen a group of Expert Contributors to work with me

Over the many years that I have lived one thing has become very clear to me. I am only as good as the team around me.

Read About My Experts

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