Numerology of The Talisman;

Stephen King and Peter Straub

We love analysing the numerology of International Bestselling Authors and this piece of research focuses specifically on the Numerology of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

The Talisman is a 1984 fantasy novel by American writers Stephen King and Peter Straub. The plot is not related to that of Walter Scott’s 1825 novel of the same name, although there is one oblique reference to “a Sir Walter Scott novel.” The Talisman was nominated for both the Locus and World Fantasy Awards in 1985.

The Talisman, 365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology

How it all got started…

The idea of writing The Talisman first took form when Stephen King moved with his family to London in early 1977. It was there he met Peter and Susan Straub, and their children. The two writers became friends, both being fans of each other’s work. King and his family left London three months later to return to the United States. Straub and King had talked multiple times before about collaborating to write a book, but nothing ever surfaced until years after King returned stateside, when the Straub’s also moved to the United States. According to King, after Straub moved, “the talk got serious” and they began collaborating. Their literary friendship continued after The Talisman was published; in 1999 they began working on the sequel, Black House (2001), which deals with Jack Sawyer as an adult. A third and final book in the Jack Sawyer series is planned.

The Talisman, 365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology

And finally, there’s a movie coming!

As we get ready to unpack the Numerology of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub, guess what? There’s finally a movie coming! For three-and-a-half decades, fans have heard rumblings and rumours about a movie version of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s fantasy epic The Talisman. There have been many dead ends and false hopes, but today Amblin Partners tells EW it is finally happening. For real. Outlander and The Handmaid’s Tale director Mike Barker has been hired to tell the story of a young boy named Jack Sawyer and his sprawling quest through a monstrous alternate dimension to find the mystical title object that can cure his dying mother. He might just save two worlds in the process.

Amblin and the Kennedy/Marshall Company are producing the film, and they have been involved in the project for decades. Chris Sparling (who wrote the claustrophobic Ryan Reynolds thriller Buried), will adapt the script. Jeff Sneider of Collider first broke the filmmaker news. The journey from page to screen all started when Steven Spielberg became mesmerized by an early copy of the work-in-progress by King, who was then most famous for The Shining and The Stand, and Straub, best known for his novel Ghost Story. He was so determined to adapt it that he got Universal Pictures to buy him the rights forever — not just an option to adapt, which would have expired after a few years. “It’s something that I’ve wanted to see come to theaters for the last 35 years,” he told EW last year, while discussing his longtime desire to work on something with King. “I feel that in the very near future, that’s going to be our richest collaboration.”

About Peter Straub

Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2 March, 1943, the first of three sons of a salesman and a nurse. The salesman wanted him to become an athlete, the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister, but all he wanted to do was to learn to read. When kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy coloured paper, he took matters into his own hands and taught himself to read by memorizing his comic books and reciting them over and over to other neighbourhood children on the front steps until he could recognize the words. Therefore, when he finally got to first grade to find everyone else labouring over the imbecile adventures of Dick, Jane and Spot (“See Spot run. See, see, see,”), he ransacked the library in search of pirates, soldiers, detectives, spies, criminals, and other colourful souls. Soon he had earned a reputation as an ace storyteller, in demand around campfires and in back yards on summer evenings. Books took him out of himself, so he read even more than earlier, a youthful habit immeasurably valuable to any writer.

Now let’s dig into Peter Straub’s core 365 Pin Code Numbers and make sense of the Numerology of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart for Peter Francis Straub born 02.03.1943

Peter Straub

Peter Straub has:

The Number 2 Energy (Birth DD 2nd = 2) as his Personal Number. Cooperation. Collaboration. Peace. Harmony. Diplomatic. Sensitive. Loving.

The Number 3 Energy (Birth MM = March = 3) as his Family / Intimate Number. Creative. Happy. Communicative.

The Number 8 Energy (Birth YY = 1943 = 1+9+4+3 = 17 = 1+7 = 8) as his World / Career Number. Money, Power, Authority, Finding the balance between the Material and Spiritual worlds.

The Master Number 22 Energy as his Life Path Number (TKS-LFP in above birth chart; 02.03.1943 = 2+3+1943 = 1948 = 1+9+4+8 = 22 ; 22 = 2+2 = 4 ; i.e. the lower “hard” octave of the 22 which is experienced if the life not well lived according to the contracted journey of mastery…). The Number 22 is The Master Builder!

The Number 5 Energy (Karmic 14//5 – Everything in Moderation! TSS-LFP in above birth chart) as his Shadow / Emotional Life Path Number.

The Number 1 Energy (TKSPR in above birth chart; 10//1) as his Professional Attainment Energy. The Leader.

365 Pin Code Full Birth Name Analysis: Peter Francis Straub

Peter Straub

Peter Straub has:

The Number 1 Energy [28 = 10 = 1] playing itself out through his First (Physical) Name, Peter.

The Number 7 Energy [34 = 7] playing itself out through his Middle (Emotional) Name, Francis.

The Number 9 Energy [18 = 9] playing itself out through his Surname / Last Name, Straub.

The Number 8 Energy as his Primary Expression Number

The Number 5 Energy as his Primary Balance Number.

In his Full Birth Name analysed the two numbers missing are the Number 4 (work, focus, discipline, order, planning etc.) and the Number 8 (money, wealth, business, matters material etc.); therefore, these numbers represent his two Karmic / Key Life Lessons.

His Subconscious Self (that which lies beneath) is governed by the Number 7 Energy – The Seeker of Deeper Truth; The Artist; The Intense Spiritual Journey).

His shared Hidden Passion Numbers are the Number 1 Energy (leadership, sense of self, attainment, bravery etc.) and the Number 9 Energy (humanity, philanthropy, universal love, forgiveness, consciousness etc.)

365 Pin Code 4D Quadratic Chart (Year-on-Year lines of experience code) for Peter Francis Straub born 02.03.1943

Peter Straub

Now we’re really digging deep into the Numerology of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

The Talisman was released in 1984. Do the maths… 1984 = 1+9+8+4 = 22. A Number 22 Universal Year – the year designed to facilitate success directly for those who have the master builder number coded into their numerology profiles… And, Peter Straub’s 365 Pin Code Birth Chart revealed that he has a Number 22 Life Path.

The life path number is one of the most important numbers in our 365 Pin Code Numerology charts, if not possibly the most important number. No coincidence then that this amazing book, The Talisman, by King and Straub was released in a universal year whose number (22) perfectly synchronises with that of Peter Straub’s life path (22)!

From the above table which provides accurate lines of personal code / annual experiential data strings for Peter Straub, we see that:

The Talisman 365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology

Peter Straub’s unique 365 Pin Code line of code for 1984 reads:


The red number 2 in the above line of code is his 365 Pin Code Experience Number for 1984. You may recall from his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart that Peter Straub has the Number 2 Energy as his personal energy, which makes this year (1984) one that is coded to deliver to him, right into his personal number space. Bullseye! Our extensive numerology research has shown these are always amongst the most intense personal experiences one can ever have. Well done Peter Straub, with and through The Talisman, you absolutely honoured your Master Number 22 Life Path Number which is to deliver something wonderful for humanity, and to achieve this in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, peace and harmony…

Wrapping up this research on the Numerology of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

It was the biggest horror fiction collaboration ever. A venture so huge the publishers spent half a million (which was quite a lot for a release in 1984) promoting the book. Two horror writers, the best of the best at the top of their game, writing together for the first time. They were thinking bestseller lists, movies, sequels, you name it. Well, The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub certainly made the bestseller lists.

Peter Straub, Stephen King, 365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology

Some say King wrote most of the book – utter hogwash!

There has been a lot of chatter from people over the years disputing the authorship of the book, with some making the audacious claim that King wrote most of the book and Straub just came up with the idea. Utter hogwash…

Let’s go ahead and clear this mess up right now. Though there is no official record of who wrote what section of the book, Peter Straub has mentioned in an interview how the writing process worked out. Quite simply, the two writers became friends when King briefly moved to London. This is when they first thought of the collaboration idea, though prior commitments with both authors prohibited working together at the time. Four years later, with time now on their side and Straub living stateside, they got together, worked out a massive outline, and one day began writing at Straub’s computer, each taking turns at the pages.

Then they continued working on the outline via computer modem and banged out sections until they were tired of writing, each taking over the other’s work until the last 100 pages. Then the authors sat down at one computer and finished the book. I used to think I could tell who wrote what sections of the book, but honestly, and especially after working on a collaborative project myself, it’s easier to think that both writer’s styles complement one another quite well, and that trying to figure out who wrote what is a mystery not worth solving.

Both King and Straub deliberately tried to imitate each other’s style; not to try and confuse or trick their fans, but to dive deep into the creative process and find some common ground with voice, so the narrative would read as though it was written by one person.

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