Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole

In this strategic research piece we unpack the Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole and reveal to you why 1991 and 1992, the years when her world changed due to Dangerous Lady being published, was no accident; that this phenomenal success was numerically hardcoded into her lifepath data, but it would only realise if she persisted and did the work.

Once you connect the Numerology dots around her Dangerous Lady success story, you will understand why you absolutely must know and understand your 365 Pin Code and why no personal or professional strategic thinking or planning should ever happen without having your coding to hand.

“People only know what you tell them. And it was true. People gave out their whole life stories to anyone and everyone without a second’s thought. Stand at a bus stop, sit in a strange pub, get banged up, and someone would always give you their life story. It was as if they were trying to prove they existed” ― Martina Cole

About Martina Cole:

Martina Cole is the acknowledged queen of crime drama with more than twenty novels to her name, of which over a dozen have been No.1 bestsellers.

Several of Martina’s novels have been adapted for the screen, including The Take and The Runaway which were shown on Sky 1 to remarkable reviews. In addition, Two Women and The Graft have been adapted for the stage; both were highly acclaimed when performed at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, which also staged Dangerous Lady in 2012, celebrating twenty years since Martina’s debut novel was published.

Martina Cole is a phenomenon. She continues to smash sales records with each of her books, which have sold thirteen million copies. In 2011 Martina surpassed the £50 million sales mark since records began and was the first British female novelist for adult audiences to achieve this – and she has spent more weeks in the No. 1 slot on the original fiction bestseller list than any other adult novelist. Her hard-hitting, uncompromising and haunting writing is in a genre all its own – no one writes like Martina.

Martina Cole Dangerous Lady

About her first bestseller, Dangerous Lady, the book which catapulted her to fame

Martina Cole’s extraordinary first novel Dangerous Lady introduced a totally original genre of thriller, paving the way for her multiple No. 1 bestsellers, including BETRAYAL and GET EVEN.

‘Right from the start [Cole] has enjoyed unqualified approval for her distinctive and powerfully written fiction’ [The Times].

No one thinks a seventeen-year-old girl can take on the hard men of London’s gangland, but it’s a mistake to underestimate Maura Ryan: she’s tough, clever and beautiful – which makes her one very dangerous lady. Together, she and her brother Michael are unbeatable but notoriety has its price. The police are determined to put Maura away once and for all – and not everyone in the family think that’s such a bad idea. When it comes to the crunch, Maura has to face the pain of lost love in her past – and the dangerous lady discovers her heart is not made entirely of stone.

Once you’re hooked on Maura Ryan, be sure to read MAURA’S GAME, the second book from ‘the undisputed queen of crime writing’ (Guardian).

365 Pin Code Birth Chart – Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole

Martina Cole Keystone Birth Triangles

We start building the Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole by using her date of birth, 30.03.1959.

Martina Cole’s birth chart is dominated by 3’s and 6’s

At a glance, even to the untrained eye, the above 365 Pin Code birth chart is totally dominated by the numbers 3 and 6. Being born on the 30th means she has the Number 3 (30 = 3+0 = 3) energy in play in the Person (top of chart). March is the 3rd month of the year so again the Number 3 energy appears, Family wise (middle left of chart). Birth year (YY) 1959 brings the Number 6 in to play (1959 = 1+9+5+9 = 24 = 2+4 = 6) and this in turn brings the Sunk Shadow (emotional) Number 3 in to play, Career / World wise (middle right of chart). Then, she has a Number 3 life path (30.03.1969 = 30+3+1969 = 2001 = 2+0+0+1 = 3; see the 3 circled in RED) and a Shadow (Emotional) Life Path connecting her to the Number 6 (see the 6 circled in BLACK).

The Number 3 deals with creativity, self-expression, imagination and communication (now you shouldn’t be at all surprised that she is a bestselling author) and the Number 6 deals with family, relationships, responsibility, community and matters of the heart. Given the preponderance of 3’s and 6’s in her charts the above listed numerical characteristics would play themselves out powerfully in her world from her birth to her eventual death.

Martina Cole Pinnacle Experiences

365 Pin Code 4 x Life Path related Pinnacles and Challenges – Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole

Martine Cole

The next step in the process of building the Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole, involves our evaluating her Four Pinnacles and Challenges and linking these to the years 1991 and 1992 when Dangerous Lady was completed, published and when she in turn shot to fame.

Martina Cole’s first pinnacle experience links with Number 6

In 1991 Martina Cole turned 32 and in 1992, 33. This brings Pinnacle 1 (circled in black, above; see Pinn 1) and Challenge 1 (lies directly beneath Pinnacle 1; see Chall 1) in to play. Her first pinnacle experience (from birth to age 33) links with the Number 6 and therefore the dominant experiences she would have had would have centred around family, relationships, responsibility and matters of the heart. This is never an easy first pinnacle for anyone to experience with much being thrust upon the person from an early age.

Note that her next pinnacle experience, from age 34 to 42, links with the Number 9 and this number, the number of conclusion and consciousness, always brings The Universal Laws (Vibration, Attraction, Cause and Effect, Transmutation of Energy etc.) into play. It is also the number linked with fame and fortune and greatness; therefore, it is no coincidence that post Dangerous Lady being released in 1992, and with it being such a huge hit, she enters a number 9 pinnacle experience.

When Pinnacle Experiences and Attainment Numbers align much happens

Equally important is to make the all-important synchronistic connection between her, at age 34, entering her Number 9 Second Pinnacle, and her Professional Attainment Number. Martina Cole’s professional attainment number is the Number 9 (go back up to her birth chart above and look, top right, at the magenta coloured block, TKSPR, number 9). So, as she exits her two-year (1991 and 1992) success coup, she rides straight into a numerically coded experience [1993: 1(28)-6(15)-7(25)-34-4(31)-6(15)-4(31) ; with 6 all importantly being her Shadow / Emotional Life Path Number ; i.e. a year which brings a massive emotional shift for the better]which links her second pinnacle with her professional attainment number.

Numerical convergences like this are extremely powerful and because both are 9’s it brings her external / career / world environment into frame and given that she’d done with right things in the lead up to this next pinnacle cycle, she was duly rewarded by her life path outcome code. This success was bolstered even more then in 1995, ITV released a 4-part series based on Dangerous Lady.

Maybe now you are starting to get to grips with just how intricately our lives are coded, that we are in fact walking a lifetime of intelligent mathematical coding which adjusts daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and how we live out lives and the choices we make bring our experiential results, positive or negative, physical or emotional, at exactly the perfect moment, and exactly as per the strings of code laid down through genius cosmic design when we are born and named.

Martina Cole’s first challenge experience links with Number 0

Her first challenge (from birth to age 33) is linked with the number zero. This is a most interesting number as zero does not mean that she would have no challenges. Quite the contrary. It means that she would have had many challenges, spanning the entire gambit of number 1 through to 9. From this we can deduce that up to age 33, challenge wise, she probably had everything including the kitchen sink thrown at her to deal with.

This information is important to know as it sets the scene for her next 365 pin Code chart which explains exactly why the last two years (1991, 1992) of her First Pinnacle and First Challenge, saw everything change with the publication of Dangerous Lady.

“‎If the person you were fighting had any kind of wound, worry it and keep at it And the pain would be much more intense. It was the psychological angle and all. Once a cut was there, it was human nature to try to protect it from more harm.” Martina Cole, Close

365 Pin Code Year-on-Year Quadratic View Data Chart – Numerology for bestselling crime writer Martina Cole born 30.03.1959

Martina Cole Quadratic View

Now we really get into the intricate detail around the Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole. This massively data rich chart, unique to 365 Pin Code, reveals her bespoke year-on-year data strings and within these lines of code, lies a numerical intelligence which is totally mind blowing as it is these lines of code which allow us, Strategic Applied Numerologists, to help you to make sense of life in ways which you never dreamed possible…

There is so much data in the above chart, so let’s start with directing you the data / lines of code for Martina Cole for the years 1991 and 1992 (see purple block above).

The 365 Pin Code line of data for Martina Cole in 1991 is: 8(8)-8(17)-5(5)-32-11(2)-8(17)-11(2) and;

The 365 Pin Code line of data for Martina Cole in 1992 is: 9(9)-8(17)-6(6)-32-3(12)-8(17)-3(12)

While these lines of year-on-year bespoke personalised code may mean absolutely nothing to you, to us (365 Pin Code Strategic Applied Numerologists who are obsessed with researching numbers, and what happens with different numbers collide / mix) the all-important take out here is that both lines of code have as their year’s Key Experience Number, the number 8 (shown in red, bold, above). The Number 8 always deals with material matters, money, results, it is the number directly associated with manifestations, therefore, when it appears you must know that it is bringing forth experiences which are centred in, as you have sown, so shall you now reap…

If you can recall, the Number 8 featured nowhere in her birth chart (the very first chart in this research article). This is very significant as missing numbers bring with them extremely intense experiences as much needs to be learned / experienced by the given soul around that specific vibration. In her full birth name, Eilidh Martina Cole, analysed below, we see that the Number 8 only features once (the letter H in her first name = 8). This reveals to the vastly experienced numerologist that the Number 8 is almost entirely absent from her collective (DOB and Full Birth Name) numerical profile and as such whenever this number then makes its appearance, we sit up and pay much attention as we now intellectually know that much will happen!

Finally, we wish to refer you back to her 1991 line of code which has two 8’s in it, personal physical, the red block connecting them. This indicates that 1991 was coded to bring forth an extreme experience for her around the number 8. And it did, as this was the year which set up the launch of her first ever bestseller, released in 1992, Dangerous Lady.  Then in 1992, there is a black block, which links 9 and 8. Having analysed thousands of charts we know that whenever the 9 and 8 combine a tremendous shift is going to happen as this represents if you will, karma and the finish happening all at once. A mega-numerical-convergence! And exactly as per this line of code, 1992 was when her career went ballistic.

Martina Cole’s 365 Pin Code Quadratic Chart reveals so much more…

There is so much more that we could analyse from the above charts. For example, our data sets reveal that 1976 to 1978 would have been a three-year period which, given that it was influenced by the Number 3 (21/3) brought forth life path significant / shaping experiences. 1979 to 1983 was a five-year period which given that it was influenced by the Number 6, would have brought much in the way of emotional events, events which linked with her shadow / emotional life path code. Then again, 1985 to 1987 would have been another life path (Number 3) related period for her however given that the number 12 is in play here as the backing number, these experiences would have caused her to start to look at the world very differently.

Importantly, Martina Cole honoured the vast amount of 3’s in her charts – massive presence in birth chart and massive presence (3 x 3’s) in her full birth name – she therefore was born with the natural gift of communication, self-expression, imagination and creativity as she has used it well.

“ain’t learned much, but one thing I have learned is this: everyone wants to fuck you, girl, either physically or mentally. You have to put a limit on the shit you’re willing to take and no turning back.”
― Martina Cole, The Runaway

Martina Cole

365 Pin Code Numerology opens a Whole New World to you

We hope that you have enjoyed this 365 Pin Code research effort around the Numerology of bestselling crime writer Martina Cole and that you have started to open your mind to the truth that from birth, our lives are intelligently coded, that we are all walking a mathematical matrix which we agreed to even before we were born. Therefore, our dates of birth and names are no accident. They combine to create a numerical pathway, our life path, which gives us results as per our choices, which holds us accountable no matter what we might wish to believe. We are therefore a Grand Organised Design and so much more; and so when we make the concerted effort, using the likes of 365 Pin Code intelligence, to begin to understand who we are and why we are here, we are taking giant steps toward leading a more consciously informed, purposeful existence.

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