Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair

365 Pin Code Numerology specialises in Applied Numerology Research and is driven to help further our understanding of significant events along our life path. We are passionate about making sense of the numerical and mathematical intelligence in play when these significant events occur. Why do this? So that we might create even more accurate intelligence driven predictive models, to help people like you to understand and make enlightened sense of past, present and forthcoming events. In this research piece we unpack the Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair.

About Liz Phair

Liz began her career in the early 1990s by self-releasing audio cassettes under the name Girly Sound, before signing with the independent record label Matador Records. Her 1993 debut studio album Exile in Guyville was released to acclaim; it has been ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Phair has sold nearly three million records worldwide and had two Grammy nominations. More than two decades after the release of her debut, Phair’s influence over female voices in alternative music can still be felt today.

So, what’s this NEW book all about?

Liz PhairThe two-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter behind the groundbreaking album Exile in Guyville traces her life and career in a genre-bending memoir in stories about the pivotal moments that haunt her.

When Liz Phair shook things up with her musical debut, Exile in Guyville–making her as much a cultural figure as a feminist pioneer and rock star–her raw candour, uncompromising authenticity, and deft storytelling inspired a legion of critics, songwriters, musicians, and fans alike. Now, like a Gen X Patti Smith, Liz Phair reflects on the path she has taken in these piercing essays that reveal the indelible memories that have stayed with her. For Phair, horror is in the eye of the beholder–in the often-unrecognized universal experiences of daily pain, guilt, and fear that make up our humanity.

Illuminating despair with hope and consolation, tempering it all with her signature wit, Horror Stories is immersive, taking readers inside the most intimate junctures of Phair’s life, from facing her own bad behaviour and the repercussions of betraying her fundamental values, to watching her beloved grandmother inevitably fade, to undergoing the beauty of childbirth while being hit up for an autograph by the anaesthesiologist.

Horror Stories is a literary accomplishment that reads like the confessions of a friend. It gathers up all of our isolated shames and draws them out into the light, uniting us in our shared imperfection, our uncertainty and our cowardice, smashing the stigma of not being in control. But most importantly, the uncompromising precision and candor of Horror Stories transforms these deeply personal experiences into tales about each and every one of us.

Advance praise for Horror Stories “Liz Phair’s songwriting has always had the rare quality of being short-story-like. Damn good short stories, too. Horror Stories has that unique Liz Phair ability to make you look at something you’d rather not, but once you do, you’re glad you did–like any form of honest art. This is why Liz Phair still is, and always will be, a threat.”–Ben Folds.

Now let’s delve deep into the numbers and really unpack the 2019 Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair.

365 Pin Code Numerology Full Birth Name Analysis: Liz Phair

Liz Phair

The headline numbers involved here are:

Her Full Birth Name, Elizabeth [43] Clark [18] Phair [34], totals 95 (95 = 9+5 = 16 ; = 1+6 = 7) which reduces down, as revealed in the bracketed calculations, to 16//7. This Karmic Debt Number 16//7 represents her Primary Expression Number (i.e. how she expresses herself best), the Number 7 Energy being the specialist, the artist, the hermit / loner, the (whether known, or unknown to its bearer) Seeker of Deep Spiritual Truths.

Note how her First Name, Elizabeth [43] reduces down to the number 7 (43 = 4+3 =7) as does her Surname, Phair [34] (34 = 3+4 = 7). From this we can deduce that the Number 7 and what it represents, numerologically speaking, will have great significance to her throughout her entire life.

Her one Karmic Lesson, relating to the Number 5 Energy, reveals that she will need to immerse herself deeply into what we call The Human Experience and an integral part of the human experience if you will, is horror and what the imagination conjures up, horror wise.

365 Pin Code Numerology: Detailed 2019 Birth Chart: Liz Phair, born 17.04.1967

Liz Phair

The headline numbers involved here are:

She has a Number 8 Life Path (see 8 circled in red) – Power, Influence, Karma, Leaving a Legacy etc.

She has a Number 1 Emotional Life Path (see 1 circled in black) – Independence, Sense of Self etc.

She has a Number 4 Family Number (see pink arrow, left, Birth MM = April = 4) – this if you will, is where her Number 4 related Karmic Debt (see Full Name Chart) will play itself out – work, discipline, focus, being organised, having a plan etc.

She has a Number 5 World / Career Number (see pink arrow, right, Birth YY, 1967 = 1+9+6+7 = 23 = 2+3 = 5) – this if you will, is where her Number 5 related Karmic Debt (see Full Name Chart) will play itself out – adventure, travel, the 5-senses, pushing boundaries, not taking “NO” for an answer, The Human Experience etc.

Now that we’ve revealed a few of her key / core headline numbers, name and date of birth wise, let’s synergise mathematically, all this in order to understand exact what’s happening, detail wise, around the 2019 Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair.

365 Pin Code Numerology 4D Quadratic View (Year-On-Year Experience Coding) for Liz Phair born 17.04.1967

Liz Phair, 365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology
The headline 365 Pin Code Mathematical take-outs from her Bespoke Lines of Code, are:

2008: Defined by the Number 1 – therefore this would have been a year whose experiences she would have felt most (concentratedly so!), Shadow / Emotional Life Path wise (see, her Birth Chart, Number 1, TSS-LFP).

2009: Defined by the Number 8 (backing number 17…) – therefore this would have been a year whose experiences she would have felt (concentratedly so!) most, Life Path wise and Personal Energy Wise (see, her Birth Chart, Numbers 18 TKS-LFP and Person).

2010 – 2014: A very troubled time for her (strings of bad number combinations). Impact would have been felt most Family wise (Number 4) and Shadow / Emotional Career / World wise.

2016: The Karmic Number 13//4 enters for just this year (i.e. a hugely concentrated experience!), which signals a Moment in Time coded for Rebirth, when much has to die / fall-away in order to create much-needed space for the new to come through.

2018: A VERY interesting year given the 9-8 number combination for her in her Personal Emotional line of code. Whenever the 9 and the 8 combine (see the black block in her 2018 line of code), they signal to the Strategic Applied Numerologist, that a huge shift will be taking place.

2019: Her BOOK, hence our doing this research: Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair. Congratulations Liz. She is in a Number 2 Energy cycle for 2019 and 2020 which is a time of peace, harmony, cooperation, collaboration, love and much feminine-fuelled energy.

2021 – 2026: She enters a prolonged period governed by the Number 3 Energy which signals, creativity, self-expression, communications, joy, happiness and creative inspiration.

2027: There is another significant SHIFT which will take place, personally, emotionally, 9-8 (see the black block in her 2027 line of code).

2028 – 2035: A very significant time for her given that the Number 8 is in play, therefore these years will have extreme significance for her, life path and personal energy wise.

365 Pin Code, Amoure Kleu Strategic Numerology, Numerology

Numerology of Horror Stories: A Memoir by Liz Phair

Congratulations Liz on your new book. May it be a huge success. We have no doubt that it will spawn a creative burst which, many years from now [around 2035 (a year which will be very personal to you) and 2036 (a year which is coded for another huge shift)], when you look back on 2019, you will realise just how significant this year was for you!

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