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Jaws by Peter Benchley

A 365 Pin Code numerology interpretation of International Bestseller Jaws by Peter Benchley. By 1971, Benchley was doing various freelance jobs in his struggle to support his wife and children. During this period, when Benchley would later declare he was “making one final attempt to stay alive as a writer”, his literary agent arranged meetings with publishers. Benchley would frequently pitch two ideas, a non-fiction book about pirates, and a novel depicting a man-eating shark terrorizing a community. This idea had been developed by Benchley since he had read a news report of a fisherman catching a 4,550 pounds (2,060 kg) great white shark off the coast of Long Island in 1964. The shark novel eventually attracted the attention of Doubleday editor Thomas Congdon, who offered Benchley an advance of $1,000 leading to the novelist submitting the first 100 pages. Much of the work had to be rewritten as the publisher was not happy with the initial tone. Benchley worked by winter in his Pennington office, and in the summer in a converted chicken coop on the Wessons’ farm in Stonington. The idea was inspired by the several great white sharks caught in the 1960s off Long Island and Block Island by the Montauk charterboat captain Frank Mundus.

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Jaws was published in 1974 and became a great success, staying on the bestseller list for 44 weeks. Steven Spielberg, who would direct the film version of Jaws, has said that he initially found many of the characters unsympathetic and wanted the shark to win. Book critics such as Michael A. Rogers of Rolling Stone shared the sentiment, but the book struck a powerful chord with readers. Benchley co-wrote the screenplay with Carl Gottlieb (along with the uncredited Howard Sackler and John Milius, who provided the first draft of a monologue about the USS Indianapolis) for the Spielberg film released in 1975. Benchley made a cameo appearance as a news reporter on the beach. The film, starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss, was released in the summer season, traditionally considered to be the graveyard season for films. However, Universal Studios decided to break tradition by releasing the film with extensive television advertising. It eventually grossed over $470 million worldwide.

We start this analysis by presenting you with the 365 Pin Code numbers of Peter Benchley, as outlined within the strategic framework provided by The World’s Best Numerology Report. His numbers have been calculated around 1974, the year Jaws was published…

Numerology of Peter Benchley, The World’s Best Numerology Report: Part A

Jaws by Peter Benchley, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology

Numerology of Peter Benchley, The World’s Best Numerology Report: Part B

Numerology Of Peter Benchley

Numerology of Peter Benchley, The World’s Best Numerology Report: Part C

Numerology Of Peter Benchley

Numerology of Peter Benchley, The World’s Best Numerology Report: Part D

Jaws Of Peter Benchley

Once all these numbers have been calculated, we create a complex data table which when completed has much relevance, strategic thinking, and planning value. The data table below presents unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to Peter Bradford Benchley, author of Jaws , born on the 8th of May 1940. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology, a specialist research line wholly unique to 365 Pin Code) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from Benchley’s Date of Birth (DOB), Full Birth Name (FBN) and Other Data Sources (ODS). The model delivers lines of code which are driven by what we call Annual Experience Numbers, or AENs, which define the major numerology theme of a given year. As per the exhaustive Numerology Research we’ve done tod ate, the way we calculate 365 Pin Code AENs, and more importantly, strategically interpret them, has been proven to be bulls-eye accurate (e.g. the research we did into Steve Jobs’s 2004 pancreatic cancer; the research we did into why Steve Wozniak quit Apple in 1985; the research we did into why 2020 will be a nightmare year for current CEO Tim Cook; the research we did into why things went south the way they did for Apple’s 4th CEO, John Scully; the research we did into why Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne quit shortly after start-up etc.).

365 Pin Code Numerology Table of Annual Experience Numbers [AENs] for Peter Benchley, author of Jaws

Jaws by Peter Benchley, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology

The critically important timeline events around Jawsby Peter Benchley, are:

  1. Benchley’s being commissioned to write it in 1971
  2. The book being published in February 1974
  3. The Spielberg blockbuster movie, Jaws, being released in July 1975

So, what important 365 Pin Code numerology numbers are in play during these years?

Peter Benchley

1971 – Benchley is commissioned to write Jaws

If you scan the above line of code for 1971, you see two red blocks which connect a set of 5’s. The one red block (left) signals a significant personal emotional event, whilst the other (right) signals a significant professional emotional event. 1971’s AEN [as in Annual Experience Number] is 23//5. In applied numerology, the number 23 must always be read, or interpreted, as numerology number 3 (creativity, communication, self-expression, imagination etc.) expressing itself through the numerology number 2 (teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, supporting others etc.) in order to achieve numerology base number 5 (change, personal freedom, adventure, the 5-senses driven human experience etc.). Being born in May [5th month of the year] 1940 [1940 = 1+9+4+0 = 14 = 1+4 = 5] signals that his No5 AEN of 1971 synchronised powerfully with family and career, in other words, it was offering him the opportunity of a lifetime to create much positive change family and career wise. And, if you pause for a moment and think about what took place back in 1971, with Benchley’s being commissioned to write Jaws, a book which would become both an international bestseller and blockbuster movie, this was exactly what happened. Its always such a beautiful thing to see your core numerology numbers presenting magical moments of opportunity, exactly as per the code laid down when you we born. All you must to do is to then ensure you do not waste the opportunity; in other words, stop dilly-dallying and get on with it and do the work!

That’s why understanding your numerology number sequences, and especially AENs, provides such incredible strategic insights life path wise. Once you’ve had your life path mapped, you can then look at all the AENs, past, present and future. This helps you to make so much sense of what happened back then, is happening right now,  and is on its way to you. This really is next level personal intelligence and allows you to put yourself in harmony if you will, with your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB). So

Peter Benchley

1974, February: Jawsis published

When Peter Benchley wrote Jaws  in the early 1970s, he meticulously researched all available data about shark behaviour. Over the ensuing decades, Benchley was actively engaged with scientists and filmmakers on expeditions around the world as they expanded their knowledge of sharks. During this time, there was an unprecedented upswing in the number of sharks killed to make shark-fin soup, and Benchley worked with governments and non-profits to sound the alarm for shark conservation. He encouraged each new generation of Jaws fans to enjoy his riveting tale and to channel their excitement into support and protection of these magnificent, prehistoric apex predators. Benchley’s innate caring for Nature and being aware of how finely balanced our environment is, is in keeping with his number 9 life path and number 9 shadow / emotional life path [see data points 1 and 2 in his 100 Table].

In 1974, Benchley still has his 23//5 AEN in play. 1974 was a Number 7 personal year and a Number 7 Professional Year for him. As per the data displayed within Benchley’s 100 Numerology Data Points Table [refer to data point 56 in his 100 Table], he has a Number 7 Hidden Passion Number (the analyst, the researcher, the seeker of deeper truths, the thinker, the one who draws inspiration from Nature etc.). Whenever years with hidden passion numbers coded into them present, expect much can happen.

1975, July: Jaws the movie is released “You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat”

Jaws didn’t just make filmgoers afraid to go in the water or give birth to one of the most misquoted taglines of all time. It made film history in more ways than one. Jaws set precedents in Hollywood and changed the way the industry did business. It also changed the way people in America go to the movies and introduced one of our most prolific and talented directors to the world. While Jaws’ box office records have long-since been surpassed, its mammoth effect on Hollywood is still felt today.

The box office earnings were so staggering that a new term “blockbuster movie” was coined

Before Jaws, film distribution companies worked on a much different schedule. There were rarely big opening weekends, and few mass-market media campaigns to draw attention to upcoming releases. Instead, movies usually opened in a few cities, then slowly rolled out to theatres around the country. Jaws changed all of that. Universal Pictures put on an aggressive television marketing campaign to build excitement, and then opened the film nationwide in over 400 theatres. The results were instantaneous — eager moviegoers lined up around the block to see what all the excitement was about. They loved the movie — and they told their friends. It grossed $7 million in its first weekend, breaking records and adding to its historic hype. Soon, the film expanded to more theatres, and within weeks Jaws was a bonafide success. Its earnings at the box office were so significant, analysts even coined a new term — “blockbuster.” After Jaws’ monumental success, most film companies were eager to replicate its rollout strategy.

1975 brings The World in to play for Peter Benchley

Note how Benchley’s AEN shifts from 23//5 in 1974 to 21//3 in 1975. 21 is a truly magical number. It is if you will, the pinnacle of creative communication, with the masculine 1 expressing itself through the feminine 2 to deliver the ultra-creative, base number 3. That’s why the number 21 in tarot is depicted as major arcana, The World. When numerology number sequence 21//3 presents itself AEN wise along your life path’s coding, it heralds a very potent period in which the old makes way for the new. This newly revealed world offers ultimate realisation of your plans, hopes and wishes. Plans that have been in play for quite a while may suddenly come to a successful completion, with much accompanying reward. Also, at this time, your subconscious might well be developing at a much faster pace which may bring about a vastly elevated psychic state. For Benchley, 1975 presented a Number 8 personal year and a Number 8 professional year. The number 8 is linked with manifestation, results, money, power, status, authority, wealth etc. And, in 1975, when Jaws by Peter Benchley went blockbuster status, he earned, like he had a never imagined possible! The Number is also linked with Benchley’s personal number [Born 8th; see data point 3 in his 100 Table].

Jaws by Peter Benchley, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology

Jaws by Peter Benchley might just be the Best Film ever Made!

Jaws welcomed in a new era of mass movie marketing and merchandising. It also made summer the new breeding ground for big-budget, big box office movies when the period had before been reserved for films which studios felt wouldn’t make a lot of money. Jaws was the first film to break $100 million at US box office. Jaws made Steven Spielberg. The film had originally been budgeted at $4 million but Spielberg ended up making it for $9 million. All was quickly forgotten when the first weekend’s box office receipts came in! Jaws the film was better than the book. Benchley’s book may have a great premise but it’s a damp squib in comparison to the movie. Jaws demanded shooting ocean scenes that were actually in the sea; this added incredible realism that could never be achieved in a studio tank. Jaws iconic score. Simple yet so effective. John Williams’ reoccurring notes – only two of them, an E and F played alternately – has become pop culture’s theme tune of impending doom. Jaws isn’t a horror movie aimed just at adults, it’s a film the whole family can enjoy. Given the worldwide success of Jaws, both as a book and movie, Peter Benchley certainly lived up to his Master Number 22 [as in The Master Builder] professional attainment number [see data point 13 in his 100 Table; 1948//22//4]. Congratulations sir!

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