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Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly is an American police procedural web television series produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment starring Titus Welliver as the Los Angeles Police detective. Series 1 screened back in February 2014. The show was developed for Amazon by Eric Overmyer, and the first season takes its inspiration from the Michael Connelly novels City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde. It was one of two drama pilots that Amazon streamed online in 2014 (together with The After), and viewers offered their opinions on it before the studio decided whether to place a series order. Season 5 was released on April 18, 2019, and season 6 was confirmed by executive producer Michael Connelly. The series was renewed for a seventh and final season on February 13, 2020.

“I realize now I could have gotten a whole book out of that and so I think that was a big mistake. But the truth is you write in the moment and with your head down and there is no way back then that I could have conceived of Harry having the longevity that he has had.” Michael Connelly

In this piece of 365 Pin Code Numerology research we thoroughly investigate Connelly’s mathematical blueprint coding from 2014 (the year Bosch TV went live) until now (2020) and we assess his lines of annual experience numbers against a few of his core numerology numbers as calculated using the world’s best numerology report and we reveal to you why his most magical number is 3.

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About Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 21, 1956. He moved to Florida with his family when he was 12 years old. Michael decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida. Once he decided on this direction, he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing — a curriculum in which one of his teachers was novelist Harry Crews.

After graduating in 1980, Connelly worked at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, primarily specializing in the crime beat.  In Fort Lauderdale he wrote about police and crime during the height of the murder and violence wave that rolled over South Florida during the so-called cocaine wars. In 1986, he and two other reporters spent several months interviewing survivors of a major airline crash. They wrote a magazine story on the crash and the survivors which was later short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. The magazine story also moved Connelly into the upper levels of journalism, landing him a job as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, one of the largest papers in the country, and bringing him to the city of which his literary hero, Chandler, had written.

Michael is the bestselling author of thirty-four novels and one work of non-fiction. With over seventy-four million copies of his books sold worldwide and translated into forty foreign languages, he is one of the most successful writers working today. His very first novel, The Black Echo, won the prestigious Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1992. In 2002, Clint Eastwood directed and starred in the movie adaptation of Connelly’s 1998 novel, Blood Work. In March 2011, the movie adaptation of his #1 bestselling novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, hit theatres worldwide starring Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller. His most recent #1 New York Times bestsellers include Dark Sacred Night, Two Kinds Of Truth, The Late Show, The Wrong Side Of Goodbye, The Crossing, The Burning Room, The Gods of Guilt, and The Black Box. Michael’s crime fiction career was honoured with the Diamond Dagger from the CWA in 2018.

The Numerology of Michael Joseph Connelly born 21.07.1956

Understanding more about Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly… The Number 3 (communication, creativity, self-expression, imagination etc.) has tremendous significance within the 365 Pin Code of Michael Connelly. In the charts below we will reveal how the Number 3 Energy influenced the timing of his quantum leap with and through Bosch TV…

365 Pin Code Birth Chart for Michael Connelly born 21.07.1956

Numerology Australia, Australia, 365 Pin Code, Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly

Top light blue arrow:

This arrow points to Michael Connelly’s personal number which is calculated from his Birth DD; 21st = 2+1 = 3. The number 3 in numerology is always linked with communication, imagination, creativity, self-expression, joy, happiness, having fun etc.

Centre right blue arrow:

This arrow points to Michael Connelly’s shadow professional attainment number (TSSPR) which is calculated from his Birth DD; 21st = 2+1 = 3.

Bottom right blue arrow:

This arrow points to Michael Connelly’s world / career number which is also the number 3. So, he has the number 3 presented in three important places within his Birth Chart, two of which are external facing (world / career number and shadow professional attainment number).

Let’s explore more around the significance of the number 3 in this international bestselling author’s numerology…

“My experience as a newspaper reporter was invaluable in terms of getting me to the kind of writing I do now. It gave me a work ethic of writing every day and pushing through difficult creative times. I mean, there’s no writer’s block allowed in a newsroom.” Michael Connelly

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Michael Joseph Connelly

Numerology Australia, Australia, 365 Pin Code, Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly

The number 3 emerges as Michael Connelly’s Hidden Passion Number. Numbers that appear several times in your name represent a particular strength or ability – symbolized by your Hidden Passion number – and therefore represent your specific field of expertise or a specialized talent tailored just for you. The 3 is the Hidden Passion number that loves to party! You are highly social and have a gift for self-expression, especially amongst peers. You love to entertain and attend parties. Talents in the arts come naturally — writing, acting, music or painting. A true artist, you need excitement; when things are dull, you tend to fantasize and sometimes exaggerate. Your social spirit blesses you with the innate ability to inspire and motivate. You have a natural charm and charisma about you. You are of a highly optimistic disposition, which, can cause you to approach life with the paradigm that the grass is always going to be greener on the other side, which in many instances it is not.

Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly

He also has the number 3 as his Maturity Number

A maturity number of 3 means in your latter years moving towards creative self-expression and joyful experiences. You’re being called to explore your creativity, the arts, and socializing with others. You will break out of any past repression and give yourself permission to enjoy life! Given all this, no wonder Michael Connelly developed / matured / evolved into an international bestselling author.

Now it’s time for us to reveal to you how the Number 3 Energy influenced the timing of Connelly’s quantum success leap with and through Bosch TV…

“There is a prevailing school of thought that something good must take time, sometimes years to create and hone. I have always felt that the books I have written fastest have been my best – because I caught an unstoppable momentum in the writing.” Michael Connelly

365 Pin Code Quadratic View: year-on-year lines of code [Annual Experience Numbers] for Michael Connelly

Numerology Australia, Australia, 365 Pin Code, Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly
Note his 2013 Number 3 related Annual Experience Code circled in purple

Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly TV series started in 2014 and is still running now, in 2020. If you look at the above data table, you will notice (with much fascination we hope!) that his line of code for 2013 carries the number 3 (see RED 3) as his Annual Experience Code. And, this number 3 occurs only once; in 2012 Connelly’s Annual Experience Number was 5 and in 2014 it was 7. Therefore, the number 3 of 2013, is, if you will, sandwiched between two different numbers. This represents what we at 365 in Code call a Concentrated Annual Experience and whenever coding like this presents itself, much happens. The number 3 which is so powerfully in play in 2013, the year before Series 1 of Bosch launched, aligns with Connelly’s:

  • Personal number 3
  • World/career number 3
  • Shadow Professional Attainment Number 3
  • Hidden Passion Number 3
  • Maturity Number 3

A quintuple or pentuple (i.e. coefficient of 5) convergence like this, especially around external facing birth chart numbers indicates a time coded into the numbers when much (!!) will happen for him professionally, and it surely did! Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly is just an incredible success story!

Note his 2013 Number 3 related Annual Experience Code circled in purple

If you look at the line of code for 2022, you will see that exactly the same number sequence (for 2013) repeats itself. How interesting is this? Therefore, fans of Michael Connelly now know, ahead of time, that two years from now, something massive will be presenting itself around him, and this will again link with and to his personal number, his world/career number, his shadow professional attainment number, his hidden passion number and his maturity number. 2022 is going to be another massive year for Connelly. This is how powerful Futurist Numerology is when correctly applied.

“When I went home at 20 to tell my parents, ‘I don’t want to be an engineer, I want to try and write books,’ I was braced for, ‘That’s not gonna happen.’ But I didn’t get that response, and maybe it was because of my dad’s experience of having an artistic dream and having to put it aside.” Michael Connelly

Knowing your Numerical Convergences offers next Level Intelligence

Numerology Australia, Australia, 365 Pin Code, Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly

Its numerical intelligence like this, and sequences like these, convergences of a critically important numerology number within a person’s 365 Pin Code, which we actively hunt for. When we see them, we immediately know that strategically, the given year will present much, experience and success / disaster wise. The upshot of this is that the person / client / study subject can then begin to plan for this, either in the way of maximising the opportunity wave, or minimising / mitigating the upcoming risk(s).

What we at 365 Pin Code have developed takes how you view everything about your life to another level. Once you’ve successfully entered your 365 Pin Code, and understood it, you will be thinking about your life so differently in terms of life path management, finding the right balance, lifestyle choices, personal growth plans, relationship dynamics, family interactions, career choices, strategic planning and day-to-day living.

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