Liane Moriarty’s New York Times bestseller Big Little Lies

Executive Summary

From the author of Nine Perfect Strangers, Truly Madly Guilty, and The Husband’s Secret comes the #1 New York Times bestselling novel about the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive. A murder…A tragic accident…Or just parents behaving badly? What’s indisputable is that someone is dead. Madeline is a force to be reckoned with. She’s funny, biting, and passionate; she remembers everything and forgives no one. Celeste is the kind of beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stare, but she is paying a price for the illusion of perfection. New to town, single mom Jane is so young that another mother mistakes her for a nanny. She comes with a mysterious past and a sadness beyond her years. These three women are at different crossroads, but they will all wind up in the same shocking place. Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on ex-husbands and second wives, mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal, and the little lies that can turn lethal. In this Numerology For Women research article we delve into the fascinating Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty. The purpose of doing this is to help you understand more about how this hugely successful book published in 2014, ties into her life path experience data and other core numerology numbers. Her magical number is 15//6 – read this and you’ll know why. And, once you’re done reading this you will think very differently about life, significant success events and numerology in general.

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Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty

About Liane Moriarty

Liane was born on a beautiful November day in 1966 in Sydney. A few hours after she was born, she smiled directly at her father through the nursery glass window, which is remarkable, seeing as most babies can’t even focus their eyes at that age. Her first word was ‘glug’. This was faithfully recorded in the baby book kept by her mother. (As the eldest of six children, Liane was the only one to get a baby book, so she likes to refer to it often). As a child, she loved to read, so much so that school friends would cruelly hide their books when she came to play. She still doesn’t know how to go to sleep at night without first reading a novel for a very long time in a very hot bath. She can’t remember the first story she ever wrote, but she does remember her first publishing deal. Her father ‘commissioned’ her to write a novel for him and paid her an advance of $1.00. She wrote a three-volume epic called, ‘The Mystery of Dead Man’s Island’.

“Little kids, little problems. Wait till you’ve got drugs and sex and social media to worry about.” Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies

Liane wrote a children’s book called The Animal Olympics, which went on to be enthusiastically rejected by every publisher in Australia. She then enrolled in a Masters Degree at Macquarie University in Sydney. As part of that degree, she wrote her first novel, Three Wishes. It was accepted by the lovely people at Pan Macmillan and went on to be published around the world. (Her latest books are published by the equally lovely people at Amy Einhorn Books in the US and Penguin in the UK). Since then she has written eight more novels, Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotists Love Story, The Husband’s Secret, Big Little Lies, Truly Madly Guilty and Nine Perfect Strangers, as well as the Nicola Berry series for children.

Big Little Lies was published in July 2014 and debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list, making Liane the first Australian author to have a novel debut in the top spot in the US. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon snapped up the film and television rights. Liane was so dazzled by their combined star power she became briefly disoriented but recovered in time to accept their offer. Adapted by David E. Kelley, the HBO limited series of Big Little Lies was a critically acclaimed smash hit starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. It went on to win not one but MULTIPLE Emmys including Best Limited Series and best actress for Nicole Kidman in her role as Celeste. Liane managed to make it up on stage at the Emmys without tripping, which she considers one of her life’s major achievements. The hardcover editions of Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret, along with the paperback edition of What Alice Forgot appeared simultaneously on the New York Times bestseller list during 2014, making Liane one of the few authors in the world to ever have three books on the New York Times bestseller lists at the same time.

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Let’s get stuck into the Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty and reveal to you why the number 15//6 (the very DD of her Birth; 15th = 15//6) was powerfully in play when Big Little Lies was published (2014) and when the #1 New York Times bestseller was adapted into the brilliant HBO TV Series (Season 1, 2017; Season 2, 2019)…

“She’d never really believed in it before. Then, as she hit her late thirties, her body said, OK, you don’t believe in PMS? I’ll show you PMS. Get a load of this, bitch. Now, for one day every month, she had to fake everything: her basic humanity, her love for her children, her love for Ed. She’d once been appalled to hear of women claiming PMS as a defense for murder. Now she understood. She could happily murder someone today! In fact, she felt like there should be some sort of recognition for her remarkable strength of character that she didn’t.” Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies

365 Pin Code Birth Chart, Liane Moriarty [2014] the year Big Little Lies was published

Liane Moriarty

In the previous paragraph we stressed that the really important number in play, Big Little Lies success wise for Liane Moriarty, is 15//6…

Here’s why 15//6 is so hugely significant for Liane Moriarty

Liane is born on the 15th [15 = 1+5 = 6; 15//6] which makes 15//6 her personal energy, so therefore, life path experience wise, whenever 15//6 is in play it signals a time (either one year, or a number of years) which will be very personal for her. Then, if we look at her Shadow / Emotional Life Path number [see TSS-LFP, 15//6; black oval around it] we see the number 15//6 making its presence again in her 365 Pin Code Numerology birth chart. A shadow / emotional life path number is a hugely important number to know, because whenever it is in play life path experience wise, much will be happening / going on which has great emotional significance both in the present moment and onward into the future. Life path and emotional life path experiences are two of the most powerful sets of numerology experiences we can ever have.

Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty.

Thing is, with Liane Moriarity having 15//6 in play as both her personal and shadow life path energy, whenever this 15//6 as a number within her 365 Pin Code numerology stands head-and-shoulders above all her other numbers…

The significance of this goes even further numerology convergence wise, because if we look at her Personal Year number (see pink arrow, top left corner of chart) for 2014 the year Big Little Lies was published, it too is 15//6. And it doesn’t end there! If we look at her Shadow Professional Year number (see orange arrow, bottom right corner of chart) for 2014, 15//6 is also in play. Numerology wise, this is insane because it represents a personally significant number for Liane (i.e. 15//6) appearing 4x in the year (2014) when her life changed through 180⁰ with each appearance being in a powerful numerology chart position. This is why our 365 Pin Code research has proven over and over again that within our mathematically coded blueprints lie moments of opportunity, of greatness if you will, and if we’ve done things right then we get the reward and if we haven’t well we experience its opposite, which is loss.

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What you need to know about the Number 15//6

As a personal number vibration know this – you have a great deal of magnetism plus a talent for obtaining money. That said you understand inherently that you have to work for your possessions and good fortune. You are persevering and strong-willed and always get what you go after. In the process of carrying out your work you may tread on toes; thing is, you are very conscious of other people’s foibles and weaknesses and so be careful not to ruthlessly exploit these as that leads to bad karma. Although you pursue material rewards, you realise that worldly attachments and cares are temporary and that giving them too much attention will entrap you in a prison of restraint and limitation. You pity those who prefer an uncomfortable lie to an uncomfortable truth. The negative 15 whose obstinate adherence to materialism brings him/her much heartache and emotional disturbance. They need to learn emotional control, to simply let go and allow… The tarot symbol of 15//6 is The Devil which shows what happens when we fail to use discrimination wisely.

365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square Birth Chart, Liane Moriarty born 15.11.1966

Liane Moriarty

This chart reveals that she has only one arrow, The Arrow of Determination. She is therefore a very determined individual and with this arrow running at Level 6 intensity (red 4+1+1 = 6) it means that once she has the bit between her teeth and her mind is made up, she is not going to be turned, never ever!

In terms of this article, Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty, what we will display below is a very complex looking data chart. Within it are her annual lines of experience code which are calculated using a most advanced 4D (personal physical codes, personal emotional codes, professional physical codes, professional emotional codes) mathematical model we created to help clients with next level strategic thinking and planning.

Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty: 365 Pin Code Year-on-Year Line of Experience Code

Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty Numerology for Women Australia

Circled above, in purple, is her Annual Experience Number for the period 2017 through to 2022. And that number is (see the two columns on the left) 15//6. So, from the moment of her birth, Liane Moriarty’s life path was coded with a 6 year extreme personal experience period, within which, given that 15//6 is such an important number within her numerical make-up, lay the opportunity for something magnificent to present itself. And it did, through her Big Little Lies book being adapted by HBO into a hugely successful series which launched in 2017 with Series 2 continuing in 2019. It is this 15//6 life path experience which really launches her and brings with it much fame and fortune.

Liane Moriarty has a Number 7 Expression Number

It is most interesting to review the line of code in play in the year Big Little Lies was published. Not only was it a 15//6 personal year for her but the Annual Experience Number in play is 7//7 and this brings her Balance and Primary Expression Numbers into play (see chart below for explanation). During this time, she would have naturally had much balance and it was then when her internal number 7 energy expression number would have been linked in a highly synchronised manner with her external activities = her inner genius just flowed from the inside, out…

365 Pin Code Full Birth Name analysis: Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty Numerology for Women Australia

The Number 7 Expression Number explained

This number tells those people born under it to enhance and verify their way of thinking, analytical capabilities and general improvement of their minds while seeking truth. It is recommended to draw logical and complete analysis. Not a single thing should escape your understanding. To maintain that, you will have to spend a lot of time deep in thought, testing yourself, your inner powers. This also means to be alone for a long time.

You’re the one that is actually interested in finding the real truth, hidden paths and senses. You’re naturally good at technics or science. Religion and the occult are also of your sphere of interests. You follow great wisdom and secrets. This gives you fine chances to become an excellent teacher, psychologist or a deeply involved servant of religion. You have some kind of obsession when trying to find out something. You wish to reveal all the secrets and would dig really deep to find the truth. You can namely shake off all the foundations to reach your goal.

You prefer operating with different devices or methods, and commonly, even the closest people of yours, don’t really know you. When you will be mature, you will lead a very peaceful way of life. You adore labouring alone, without following the directions of other identities and keeping to your own preferences and speed of development.

You are a real perfectionist and reach out for positive things. Logic rules you and you always try to rationalize your life. You are quite practical. At times, your rationality makes you almost fully emotionless and when some emotional situations take place, you commonly experience great difficulties managing them.

“Helicopter parents. Before I started at Pirriwee Public, I thought it was an exaggeration, this thing about parents being overly involved with their kids. I mean, my mum and dad loved me, they were, like, interested in me when I was growing up in the nineties, but they weren’t, like, obsessed with me.” Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty

Conclusion: Numerology of Australia’s bestselling female author Liane Moriarty

In this research article we’ve revealed to you that Liane Moriarty’s #1 New York Times bestseller Big Little Lies and all its associated success (HBO series etc.) was no random event. The potential to achieve something really huge (2017 to 2022) was in fact hardcoded into her life path experience wise and she achieved this, using writing as her success-creating tool. This is the power of 365 Pin Code Applied Numerology, because it reveals to you, opportunity rich moments along your life path. Once you know when these are you can begin to work toward them, intelligently, strategically, methodically.

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