About Marie-Louise Oosthuysen

Marie-Louise was born and educated in Grahamstown, South Africa. In 1999, she acquired a Teacher’s Diploma through the Anglo American Institute in Mexico. Additional qualifications are Certified Educational Brain Researcher (2006) from University of Washington, Seattle USA and Certified Graphologist (2008) from International Handwriting University, USA.

The Tennis Tournament

The Tennis Tournament Madison paced nervously up and down the confines of the locker room. Her mind was racing, breathing shallow and fast. “I have to get a hold of myself!” she chastised herself. “It’s only a game. Portia may have beat me before, but she won’t psych me out this time!...... I hope …. Damn, she’s getting into my head again!!” She

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Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness Learned Helplessness …. it seems as if psychiatrists and psychologists have a new name for whatever ails us every week! Just remember all the name changes for what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): shell shock, bomb shock, soldier’s heart, combat fatigue, and war neurosis. Learned helplessness is none of those things and yet it is alive, well, and

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The Loops We Are Thrown Into

The Loops We Are Thrown Into The loop stroke in handwriting indicates the writer’s level of imagination, emotion, and feeling. So, by definition, loopy handwriting means that the writer is an imaginative, emotional, feeling person. Whether the writer wants to be kept in the loop, is loop-legged, or just plain fruit-loops depends on the length, width, and where the loop occurs in the

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The Shadow of the Soldier

The Shadow of the Soldier: The Sweetness of Revenge | Part 2 By Luis Gutierrez Poucel and Marie-Louise Oosthuysen Quena flourished on the western bank of the river Nile. The arrival of Popescu and his fleet of enhanced feluccas did not raise alarm among the Egyptian populace. By contrast, the concoction of French and Malaysians arriving on camels caused quite a stir

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The Shadow of the Soldier

The Shadow of the Soldier: The Sweetness of Revenge | Part 1 By Luis Gutierrez Poucel and Marie-Louise Oosthuysen It was a dismal night in October 1798. A thin, but persistent rain fell over Cairo. It was four o’clock ante meridiem, but Lieutenant Marius Poucel just could not sleep, despite feeling deeply tired. What the tajir of the rug store told him

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The Secrets of Meditation

The Secrets of Meditation Meditation is defined as the act of dedicating attention to a solitary, innate activity for religious or contemplative pursuits, or of becoming serene, calm, and tranquil. Meditation is a way of coming home to the self, to awake our awareness, and to give grace a chance to permeate our thinking and action. This is the road less traveled, where

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Fears in Handwriting

Fears in Handwriting Researchers in psychology have identified six distinct facial expressions which correspond to the six universal emotions. These are happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, and fear. Some researchers add a seventh emotion, which is contempt. Of these six or seven universal emotions, fear is the most perplexing, because it morphs into so many different forms. The root is fear, but it

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The Mind-Body Connection

The Mind-Body Connection The body achieves what the mind believes. Is the body just there to carry around the brain? What is the brain versus the mind? The mind may control the body, but breathing controls the mind. All these statements and questions are peppered throughout the literature on this subject. And yet, daily we exhibit the proof of this connection in our

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Terror in the Afternoon

Terror In The Afternoon Theresa stirred the curried chicken for the umpteenth time. The basmati rice with turmeric and raisins stood off to the side getting cold. Curried chicken and yellow rice was Rosy’s favorite dish, “soul food”, as Rosy would call it. This was Rosy’s first weekend home after leaving for university. Theresa put the salad back in the fridge to keep it

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The Pineal Gland – The All-Seeing Eye

The Pineal Gland – The All-Seeing Eye Ancient and esoteric traditions knew of the potential of the pineal gland. The ancient Greeks thought it to be our connection to the “realms of thought”. Buddhists see it as a symbol of “spiritual awakening”. In Hinduism the pineal connects with the third eye chakra (the sixth chakra), the seat of “intuition and clairvoyance”.  Jesus proclaimed that

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