Old Piano Man

Sitting behind the old upright piano, his rheumy eyes wander over the crowded bar.  A smoke haze hovers in the air.  His glance settles on a couple cuddling in one dark corner.  Eyes only for each another.

With a shaky hand he brings the glass of brandy to his lips.  Something to smooth the dry niggle in his throat.  A few droplets fall on his yellowing white shirt.  His bow tie hanging limp around his neck.

Tom’s shout from the bar startles him from his reverie.  “Come on old man.  Play us a tune”.

His eyes travel back to the couple in the corner.  Pictures of Eva filling his mind.  Today marks the two-year anniversary of her passing.

He rubs his arthritic hands to get some warmth into them.  His mind light years away, he starts playing, humming under his breath.  Waiting for the words to come back to him.

He closes his eyes.  Wandering off into his own world.  A smile hovers around his lips as he loses himself replaying a daydream from his younger days.  He feels Eva’s presence and starts singing in a scratchy voice.  Humming through the empty spaces where the words evade him.

La la la di di daaaaa.   Laa Laa Laa.

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