Burleigh, my favourite beach for an early 5 am walk.  I watch as the sun rise in the sky on its daily journey – gloriously different every time.

Walking at the water’s edge in the lukewarm sea, is an untold pleasure.  The hard sand under my bare feet connects me with nature, anchoring my soul, quieting my mind.  Breathing in the salty sea smell is an elixir for my heart and soul.  The waves constantly move splashing on the beach, then withdrawing.   My care free hour – the best start to the day.

The beautiful vista changing as the sun climbs into the sky, flicking reflections on the water, sometimes playing hide and seek behind the clouds.  Cloud pictures form, then change and morphe into yet more pictures as they move along in the sky line.  The sun every playing peek a boo between the clouds throwing ever changing reflections onto the water.

Nodding a “hello” to the other early regulars and dog walkers walking on the beach, I stroll along – sometimes with a friend, sometimes alone.  I always admire the surfers, so confident out on the water waiting for a good wave to ride.

Watching the seagulls gathering in hopeful knots near the beach fisherman – not too close, not too far, just in case there is something to be grabbed…..   And then there is our resident and only Pelican standing sentinel next to the old man in their usual fishing spot.

Picking up a few shells, rinsing them in the shallow waves, then putting them in my pocket to do arts and crafts with my grandchild on her next visit.  The broken ones will become our flower vases, others will be used to decorate picture frames.

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