An Evil Spell

An eerie pregnant stillness hung in the air. The full moon’s bright light filtered through the large uncurtained window, pervading the hallway. It lit upon the huge red oak door at the bottom of the stairs.

Entranced 18 year old Myrine stood at the top of the stairs. A dreamy smile played on her full rosy lips. One dainty hand rested on the bannister, the other fingered the magic infinity charm she inherited from Grandma with strict instructions to never wear or take through the quantum door before age 21.

Inexorably drawn towards the door, her emerald green gaze fixed on it, her bare feet mechanically descended down the richly carpeted 15 stairs. Her rich silky auburn ponytail swayed in rhythm. Her silky night gown caressing her legs as she moved.

Reaching the bottom landing, her right hand reached out, encircled the icy cold brass doorknob and twisted it. Silently opening, the door swung outward.

A tongue of mouldy air licked over her face, lifting a tendril of hair at her temple. Her nostrils flared.  A tremor ran up her spine. A finger of doubt entered her sub-conscious.

A low pitched golden voice seductively insinuated itself into her mind. Straining to hear she took a few steps forward.

The door thundered shut behind her, taking with it the bright moon light, shutting her in a tomb-like utter ink black darkness. Panicked, the hypnotic haze lifting, she wrenched around towards the door.   Fear spurned her feet. She ran full tilt into the closed door. A searing pain exploded behind her eyes, making them water as her nose connected the door.

An Evil Spell

Ice cold fear spiked up her spine. Rivulets of sweat started running down her face. Panicked, her hands blindly searched the surface of the solid smooth hard inside surface of the door, finding no doorknob.

Scalding hot tears of regret leaked from the corners of her eyes, streaking down her sweaty cheeks.  She drew raspy breaths through her mouth. Desperately she mumbled entreating prayers begging forgiveness.

Dejectedly she sunk down onto the hard cold floor, her back against the door. She knuckled away the tears in her eyes. Gingerly she touched her throbbing nose.

Blindly staring into the darkness surrounding her, fatigue insidiously engulfed her. Dully she dropped her head and rested her forehead on her knees. Automatically her right hand fisted protectively around the infinity charm laying in the hollow of her throat. Her eyelids fluttered closed.

Silently the eyes in the walls watched as her consciousness slipped away. A misty tendril tentatively floated out towards her. Reaching out, it hung just above her exposed neck. A skeletal finger uncurled from it. Reaching down it slowly insinuated a horny fingernail under the clasp of the necklace, giving it an experimental little tug.

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