The Ballroom Affair

THE BALLROOM AFFAIR ADELINE She hovered in the door of the ballroom. A cacophony of voices assaulted her ears. Parties have never been her favourite thing. This time there was no way out of it, it was after all the firm’s 30th anniversary. She patted her hair. Nothing to be done now about her unruly mass of curls. She hovered another moment, wondering

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Breaking Free

Sharon hesitated at the door of the opulent boardroom. The sun’s final rays streamed through the window. Blinded she turned her back to it. She dry swallowed against the acidic nausea that burnt her throat. The glass shook in her hand as she picked it up. She took a small sip of water. Her eyes flicked to the wall clock following it’s relentless

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Coughing Fit

THE COUGHING FIT We stepped into the dining room at the Old Oak Hotel.  An inviting smell of cinnamon spice mixed with orange peel wafted through the air. Lit fireplaces crackled away, leaving a downy blanket of warmth in the air.  The flames gently waved, inviting you to step up and warm yourself, now and then sending up a spurt of fiery sparks.  Crystal

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