Shadows of a New World Order

Jína grimaced and rubbed her neck. A dull ache had lodged out of reach behind her shoulder blades. She gripped the edge of her desk, pushed back her office chair and wiggled her feet into her sturdy black pumps. She raised her arms above her head, lifted her chin, and stretched up to the ceiling. The vertebrae in her back cracked. She tucked

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It was June 23, 1723. Twelve-year-old Alice hovered at the edge of the village where she lived with her Grandpa. Her freshly washed copper hair glinted in the sun. A tremor of trepidation piano-fingered up her spine. No longer considered a child, she had no choice but to join the Midsummer festivities as an available maiden. Ahead, the village green bustled with preparations


Fenrir’s Cub

Blue eyes wide with wonder, her nose pressed to the small window, Virginia gazed at the jaw-dropping view displayed below. Nervous excitement bubbled behind her navel. My first archaeological dig. She sighed and leaned back against the headrest. Rough winds buffeted the 8-seater plane as it dropped to the landing strip. It slewed to a sideways stop with a squeal of brakes, barely missing

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The Misadventure

Célena stood with her three friends at the school bus stop. She listened with half an ear to their chatter about the upcoming weekend sleepover at Stacey's house. The squeal of the bus's brakes interrupted them. They clambered on board, rushed to the back, and settled into their usual seats. "Ooh, look who is catching the bus today, Célena," Sarah tittered. Célena looked

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