The Last Straw

The Last Straw She blinked, peering at her laptop screen and re-read the email. “The absolute fucking audacity. Just who does he think he is.” Her pulse hammered at her temples, threatening to crack her skull. Temper uncoiled itself, rearing its triangular venom head. Her jaw clenched. Her nostrils flared. The past reeled off picture after picture, drumming it on rollercoaster tracks through

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Court Room Brawl

COURT ROOM “BRAWL” Her heavy pilot bag thumped at her feet as she trailed a finger down the roll call list stuck on the wall next to the door of Court Room 60. As usual the Applications have been allocated in order of seniority of the representing Attorney for the Applicant. “You will get to the top of that list one day.” She found

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