CHAPTER 20 | Boxing come back

During the first week in March 1992 my friend and Second in Command called me into his office. He said that I had to be in Port Elizabeth during the following week and that I had to report to a certain warrant officer that would be assisting us with a two weeks’ fitness training camp. The fitness camp was to prepare for the

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CHAPTER 19 | Transfer to George

I enjoyed my career at SANAB. I wanted a promotion, wrote exams which I passed and was promoted to a warrant officer. I also got married a year or two earlier and everything was good, but now problems started brewing. Problems with the in-laws and my brothers- in-law. The one brother-in-law had a drug problem. I arrested him twice before for possession of

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CHAPTER 18 | Sierra Leone

I heard a rumour that there was a different way to earn good money. It was said that in three months, you could earn the same as a year's salary working for the police force in South Africa. I looked into it and found out that it constituted working as a guard on a diamond mine in Sierra Leone. An overseas company was

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CHAPTER 17 | 1987- South African Narcotics Bureau

CHAPTER 17 1987- SANAB (South African Narcotics Bureau) I wanted to work at the Narcotics division of SANAB. However, SANAB consisted of three divisions. The Vice Squad, the Liquor Squad and the Drug Squad. It was required that you start your probation at the Vice Squad. After probation, you could then move to Liquor Squad and from there to the Drug squad. Of

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CHAPTER 16 | 1986 Murder and Robbery

After a few years with the Reaction / Riot Squad, I decided I wanted to become a detective. I have had enough of all the Rambo stuff and fighting riots. The Riot Squad was an elite unit containing great colleagues and friends, but it was time to move on. I had a lot of resistance from the Colonel in charge of the Riot

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CHAPTER 15 | Playing Rugby for The South African Police Force

I started playing rugby for the Police about two years after I started my career as a policeman. The year was 1982, and I just turned nineteen. Because I am tall, 1.99 meters or six foot six in the old terms, the position I played in rugby was lock. In the first year, I went through the ranks from third team to first

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CHAPTER 14 | Nearly a Professional Boxer

CHAPTER 14 Nearly A Professional Boxer After a few months of following Pierre Coetzer's progress in the professional ring and him winning his fights, I thought. That could be an easy way to make some money. All I had to do was fight a few locals as a professional boxer. I applied for a professional boxing license. After a few weeks and a

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CHAPTER 13 | Police Boxing Championships in Pretoria

During the same year I joined the Riot Squad, I had a call from the police sporting office in Pretoria. They informed me I had to get ready and fit for the police boxing championship tournament in Pretoria. After my dad’s death, I started losing interest in boxing. I was playing rugby for the police and the rugby training was not as demanding as

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CHAPTER 12 | 1982 Reaction Unit -Riot Squad

On my return from Border Duty to East London, I accepted a transfer from the uniform branch and became a member of the Reaction Unit. Later it was renamed - Riot Squad. It was an elite unit. There were only about twelve members in the Reaction Unit. We received a lot of specialized training in SWAT procedures. The Police task force, which was

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CHAPTER 11 – First Border Trip

Whilst stationed at the uniform branch at the Cambridge police station, they sent me for Counter insurgent training (bush warfare). I trained at a police training camp, or farm as it was known, namely Malesoskop. Here we underwent bush warfare training. As the police handled the safety and security of the South African borders, they sent us to do border duties at the

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