CHAPTER 20 | Boxing come back

During the first week in March 1992 my friend and Second in Command called me into his office. He said that I had to be in Port Elizabeth during the following week and that I had to report to a certain warrant officer that would be assisting us with a two weeks’ fitness training camp. The fitness camp was to prepare for the

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CHAPTER 19 | Transfer to George

I enjoyed my career at SANAB. I wanted a promotion, wrote exams which I passed and was promoted to a warrant officer. I also got married a year or two earlier and everything was good, but now problems started brewing. Problems with the in-laws and my brothers- in-law. The one brother-in-law had a drug problem. I arrested him twice before for possession of

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CHAPTER 18 | Sierra Leone

I heard a rumour that there was a different way to earn good money. It was said that in three months, you could earn the same as a year's salary working for the police force in South Africa. I looked into it and found out that it constituted working as a guard on a diamond mine in Sierra Leone. An overseas company was

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CHAPTER 17 | 1987- South African Narcotics Bureau

CHAPTER 17 1987- SANAB (South African Narcotics Bureau) I wanted to work at the Narcotics division of SANAB. However, SANAB consisted of three divisions. The Vice Squad, the Liquor Squad and the Drug Squad. It was required that you start your probation at the Vice Squad. After probation, you could then move to Liquor Squad and from there to the Drug squad. Of

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Bjoern and Krampus the Christmas Punisher

The year was 3 BC. The day was 5 December. The day Krampus removed naughty children to hell before St. Nicholas delivered gifts to the remaining children on 6 December. KRAMPUS Not allowed to hunt the naughty children until one hour past sundown, irked Krampus no end. However, he has found a way past this dastard restriction. Three years ago, in the dark

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Aedric And The Villains

Aedric walked into Scruffy Murphy’s. He stood for a moment, his eyes adjusting to the dim lighting, which did pretty little to hide the bar’s shabbiness. The skunk-smell of beer assaulted his nostrils. His unease deepened as he checked the patrons. He was the only one in chino’s and a sports jacket. But for the underlying threat in Ryan Campbell’s text, he would

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Half awake, 16-year-old Gizela fought against the entanglement of her sweat-drenched bedsheets. Exhaustion straddled her chest. She stretched her mouth in a forced yawn and reached for a snatch of oxygen, forcing it down her throat into her chest. On the third try, she managed. She untangled her legs and slumped on the edge. Sightless, she stared at her dream catcher hanging against the


Trapped in Misty Creek

25-year-old Ariadne coasted to a stop in front of the Real Estate Agency in Misty Creek’s main street. She gave her appearance a quick once over in the rear-view mirror, and applied some lipstick. Turning to the back seat, she patted her mix breed Australian sheep dog on his rump. “You wait here Dingo. Watch the car. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

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The Tennis Tournament

The Tennis Tournament Madison paced nervously up and down the confines of the locker room. Her mind was racing, breathing shallow and fast. “I have to get a hold of myself!” she chastised herself. “It’s only a game. Portia may have beat me before, but she won’t psych me out this time!...... I hope …. Damn, she’s getting into my head again!!” She

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Lockdown Introducing My 11 Year Old Granddaughter’s Unedited Writing Sadie Ann Goosen The year 2020 burnt across the world, leaving it scorched and gasping for breath. Buzzwords like “the new normal”, “in the time of COVID”, “home office”, and “lockdown” have forced change upon us just as Mother Nature gifts us with green sprigs of hope that burst forth on

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