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This site is dedicated to creativity, self-expression, inspiration, the cultivation of the imagination and the joy experienced around the art of well-written communication.

Two of its regular specialist contributors, Chris and Suzanne Styles, are master numerologists. Since early 2018 they have published a plethora of well researched case studies and their revolutionary findings, like what they published in 2020 on Victoria Beckham, are certainly stirring things up and forcing numerologists to think differently.

Their work is now rapidly expanding into the field of Numerology for Women Australia, a highly specialised field which opens up a whole new line of strategic thinking and planning for women. In what is now well over twenty detailed articles, they carefully unpack the numbers of bestselling authors (see articles below), most of them female, and link what the numbers say and how they are playing out life path experience wise, with critically important success moments in the lives of these applauded individuals.

If you’re prepared to take the time to carefully work through even just one of their pieces of research, you’ll find that international bestselling author success is not a random event. You’ll discover that from the moment of birth, success-opportunity-rich-years and moments-for-potential-greatness are in fact hardcoded in to every person’s numbers. Thing is, 99.9999% of people do not know when these moments will be presenting themselves, This is because they have never had their bespoke mathematical blueprints decoded. Now, because the authors Chris and Suzanne have written about, applied themselves in a disciplined way, persisted through the tough times, did the hard work and used their creative talents well, when their fame-and-fortune coded moment presented itself, it rendered exactly that, tremendous fame and fortune.

A book or “the book” was purely the “delivery vehicle” for this experience. If you’re serious about wanting to learn how to go way beyond next level personal and professional success, then you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on what Chris and Suzanne are regularly publishing here around Numerology for Women Australia.

Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint of Lucinda Riley

Her ‘The Seven Sisters’ series has become a global phenomenon In numerology, the number 3 is associated with creativity, communication, self-expression, imagination, joy, happiness etc. This piece of Human Futurology Research reveals exactly why the Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint of Lucinda Riley, an international bestselling author, improved communication (i.e., numerology number 3) wise when she married in 2000. This work is part of a

Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint of Lucinda Riley2023-08-02T03:56:49+10:00

What makes a bestselling fantasy author?

There are so many diverse views on this topic! Here’s what Claire Bradshaw has to say about what makes a bestselling fantasy author.: A magic system: This is the element that sets fantasy fiction apart from other genres. For a story to be considered ‘fantasy’, it needs to contain some sort of magic system. But what exactly do we mean by this? In

What makes a bestselling fantasy author?2023-08-02T03:58:55+10:00

Numerology of The Missing Sister by Lucinda Riley

The Missing Sister by Lucinda Riley was published 3 weeks before her death! From the Sunday Times number one bestselling author Lucinda Riley, The Missing Sister is the seventh instalment in the multimillion-copy epic series The Seven Sisters. The UK’s Daily Mail writes: “They’ll search the world to find her. I have loved the Seven Sisters from the get-go and this latest in

Numerology of The Missing Sister by Lucinda Riley2023-08-02T03:59:24+10:00

Ruth Rendell and Karmic 13 – Law and Order!

Baroness Rendell of Babergh is the Queen of Crime Ruth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE (née Grasemann; Born: 17 February 1930, Died: 2 May 2015) was an English author of thrillers and psychological murder mysteries. Known as the "Queen of Crime" British mystery/suspense author Ruth Rendell has been publishing novels since 1964. She has produced about one to two books per

Ruth Rendell and Karmic 13 – Law and Order!2023-08-02T04:01:26+10:00

Bestselling author Lisa Jewell

Why were Ralph’s Party (1998) and Then She Was Gone (2020) so successful? International bestselling author Lisa Jewell shot to fame with Ralph’s Party published in May 1998. Her 2018 novel, Then She Was Gone, published on the 17th of April 2018 by Atria Books, was No3 on the New York Times bestsellers list for 2020. Here is what the 365 Pin Code

Bestselling author Lisa Jewell2023-08-02T04:02:20+10:00

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke who wrote Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has a Number 9 Life Path Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is the debut novel by British writer Susanna Clarke. Published in 2004, it is an alternative history set in 19th-century England around the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Its premise is that magic once existed in England and

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell2020-11-20T22:06:32+10:00

Master Numbers of Billie Jean King

The Numerology Master Numbers of Billie Jean King Enter the fascinating world of the Numerology Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 with a Female Tennis Ace who has ALL Three The numerology master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. It is incredibly unusual to have even one of them in your 365 Pin Code Numerology, yet astonishingly some people have ALL three numerology

Master Numbers of Billie Jean King2020-08-20T15:07:02+10:00

The Life Path of author Lynda La Plante

We reveal the Subconscious Shadow Numerology Traits Success Connection Introduction to Subconscious Shadow Numerology Traits This mind-blowing Subconscious shadow numerology traits research reveals why that the 1991 Prime Suspect related success of international bestselling author Lynda La Plante was no accident. When you start to develop an avid interest in what your numerology numbers really mean, you may one day decide to Google

The Life Path of author Lynda La Plante2020-11-21T21:46:45+10:00

Reviewing The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is all about The Law of Attraction or is there Much More? Executive Summary Two of the world’s leading numerologists set about reviewing The Secret by Rhonda Byrne in detail. The Secret is a best-selling 2006 self-help industry book based on the earlier film of the same name. It is based on the belief of the Law of Attraction,

Reviewing The Secret by Rhonda Byrne2020-11-20T21:53:40+10:00

Numerology of The Bone People by Keri Hulme

Numerology of The Bone People by Keri Hulme In this international bestselling author research article, we unpack the Numerology of The Bone People by Keri Hulme and reveal why her magical numerology number success sequence is 12//3 which links with creativity, communication, inspiration, self-expression, imagination etc. The New Zealand writer won the Man Booker Prize in 1985 for her only novel, The Bone People.

Numerology of The Bone People by Keri Hulme2020-11-20T21:56:50+10:00
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