The Ancient Figurine

Mariska stood on top of the library stairs, cradling her find in her arms. Above, the sun’s last orange rays streaked through the sky. A warm summer breeze wafted through the air. She got home and put the heavy leather-bound book on the dining room table. Bending down, she picked up Pixie, her stray, scratching him under the chin. She walked into the

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Trapped in Misty Creek

25-year-old Ariadne coasted to a stop in front of the Real Estate Agency in Misty Creek’s main street. She gave her appearance a quick once over in the rear-view mirror, and applied some lipstick. Turning to the back seat, she patted her mix breed Australian sheep dog on his rump. “You wait here Dingo. Watch the car. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

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The Tennis Tournament

The Tennis Tournament Madison paced nervously up and down the confines of the locker room. Her mind was racing, breathing shallow and fast. “I have to get a hold of myself!” she chastised herself. “It’s only a game. Portia may have beat me before, but she won’t psych me out this time!...... I hope …. Damn, she’s getting into my head again!!” She

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Lockdown Introducing My 11 Year Old Granddaughter’s Unedited Writing Sadie Ann Goosen The year 2020 burnt across the world, leaving it scorched and gasping for breath. Buzzwords like “the new normal”, “in the time of COVID”, “home office”, and “lockdown” have forced change upon us just as Mother Nature gifts us with green sprigs of hope that burst forth on


Whispers of the Dark Forest

Whispers of the Dark Forest Nineteen year old Emily looked at her “friends” lounging about on the porch. A sledgehammer of truth hit her. She shrugged her shoulders and stepped out of the haze of dope smoke onto the rickety porch steps. Emily looked at her beloved VW Bug. “I thought it would be such a good idea for a relaxing weekend before our

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The Playboy

The Playboy Albert A frown of discontent marring his attractive face, 25 year old Albert sat down in the window seat on the 7am Virgin Airlines flight from Gold Coast Airport to Sydney. He managed to fold his long legs into the narrow space and rested his tired head against the window. He sighed and closed his eyes. “Last night’s sending off party

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The Shadow of the Soldier

The Shadow of the Soldier: The Sweetness of Revenge | Part 2 By Luis Gutierrez Poucel and Marie-Louise Oosthuysen Quena flourished on the western bank of the river Nile. The arrival of Popescu and his fleet of enhanced feluccas did not raise alarm among the Egyptian populace. By contrast, the concoction of French and Malaysians arriving on camels caused quite a stir

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The Shadow of the Soldier

The Shadow of the Soldier: The Sweetness of Revenge | Part 1 By Luis Gutierrez Poucel and Marie-Louise Oosthuysen It was a dismal night in October 1798. A thin, but persistent rain fell over Cairo. It was four o’clock ante meridiem, but Lieutenant Marius Poucel just could not sleep, despite feeling deeply tired. What the tajir of the rug store told him

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The First Resignation

The First Resignation Deidre felt hollowed out. Her stomach churned. Dark shadows ringed her eyes, making her look older than her 30 years. Knees knocking, legs shaking, she stood in front of her boss’ closed office door. She took a deep breath and pushed her glasses up on her nose. She patted her hair and knocked. “Come in,” barked the ogre. She entered

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The Narrow Escape

The Narrow Escape Caren’s eyes flew open. She whipped her bedsheet off, rolled into a sitting position and knuckled the sleep out of her eyes. The cold one eyed gaze of the December full moon stared through her open bedroom curtains. She grabbed the security monitor off her bedside table. She pressed all the buttons. The camera system remained off-line. Her pulse hammered

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